International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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Sports and peace project would bring us peace and togetherness

06 April 2019 00:00 - 01 August 2019 06:00

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- Author : CABDIFATAAX Said - Category : Other

Sports and peace project would bring us peace and  togetherness
Sports and peace project would bring us peace and  togetherness  subscribes to the Somali youth organization + Programme initiative in the field of sports, namely Not-for-profit Somali youth organization  sport events.The main idea is to help regional and local authorities to meet peace building through sports programs directives on promoting as voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of sports and peace among community activity, through increased participation, and equal access to sport for all specifically engaging and encouraging youth and children to be take part peace and sports cup tournament instead of conflicts and crimes. . In the context of past years the Year of reconciling work and friendship time - this project seeks to integrate sport into transform youth and children their and vision of life as an activity designed to develop the capacity of relating between individuals and generally to assist in the training of social skills, to build a system of skills as professionally and values but also to develop competitiveness spirit.This project aims to provide an alternative for long term of peace spending one’s free time, leisure, recreation, and enhance the popularity of outdoor activities. For the participating bodies, the Somali+ projects supporters in the field of sport are intended to produce increased capacity and professionalism to work at association/international level: improved management competencies and internationalisation strategies; reinforced cooperation with partners from other countries. . Based on the current available data in the field of sport, a set of indicators that will allow the sharing and identifying of best practices will be developed. The not-for-profit Somali sport events proposed are: football peace cup tournament other  tennis and marathon , touristic orientation,  Besides these events, the project will promote young local community through participation , urban culture events (graffiti, stunts on BMX bike type), sports-related seminaries, presentation of a national sport from the various participating body.
Objective of the event : Organization of the Not-for-profit Somalian sport events Project partners so far: Afgoye County Council and Ifo Yemen refugees County Directorate of Sports and Youth (both from somalia)The project value : 100 000 USD to 400 000 USDDuration of the project : 3 to 6 months

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Raas Cabaad, Somalia
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