International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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04 April 2020 08:00 - 12:00

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- Author : PEDRO Sanchez - Category : Sporting event   TERRAIN DU SPORT - ONG BEL AVENIR



The NGO Bel Avenir would like to present its celebratory event for April 6: S'AMUSER, C'EST GAGNER! 400 beneficiaries will attend a day focused on cooperative games and the introduction of new sports. Our vision is to get away from classic sportive activities in order to focus on the promotion of positive interpersonal relations, lack of competition, educational values and social cohesion. 

Cooperative game consist on active participation, fun, acceptance, self-confidence and teamwork. In this way, everyone wins and the focus shifts from respectful competition to the implementation of educational values through intergenerational participation among the beneficiaries. Simultaneously, it is an opportunity for all members and beneficiaries in the ngo to grow closer while sharing our values of peace, educational development and social cohesion. An opportunity to work and participate as one. 

Distribution of participants will be done in teams of 20 people. Each team will have a "sports passport" and a map of the sports field with the distribution and rules of the day. There will be 10 workshops of cooperative games and a sports discovery station, representing different pedagogical values, and the aim of the game will be to go through all the different workshops and complete the activity with the participation of the whole team. Once each workshop is finished, the workshop leader will give a word card to the team, which at the end will have to get the ten words that form the winning sentence in its "pass-sport".  

The day begins with a Flash-mob, and a speech to highlight the goals and principles of the day, as well as the rules to follow.

The logistics of the event will be managed by volunteers of ONG BEL AVENIR. Those that work in administration, health, environmental, communication, educational and financial departments combined with all workers in the different projects, will spend their Saturday working either as team leaders or in the different workshops.

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Rue de L'Ecole Menagere, Tuléar, Madagascar
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