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03 April 2014

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- Author : GELLY Aroni - Category : Other   Elementary School of Intercultural Education of P.

Exploring Democracy through movement improvisation; dancing with the Other
  Movement and music education is one of the subjects of the Greek Physical Education curriculum for the Elementary school. The aim of the current event is to use the tools of movement and dance imrovisation to bring together immigrant and refugee students from the Elementary School of Intercultural Education of P. Faliro with students from a Greek public school.    In the first part, using rythm and non verbal communication as basic tools, students will interact and exchange movement experiences exploring and getting to know each other.   In the second part, they will be divided in mixed teams (students from both schools) and they will participate in an interactive EDC/HRE (Education for Democratic Citizenship/ Human Rights Education) activity in order to furher work on team building and cooperation.  A reflection phase, lead by the two physical educators, will conclude the event where students share their feelings, thoughts and comments on their experience with the Other and the role physical education and sport can play in the promotion of peaceful coexistence.   A more detailed account of the even as well as photos will be available on the Intercultural School's website:  

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Elementary School of Intercultural Education of P.

Tirinthos 3, Faliro 175 64, Greece
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