International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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09 May 2017 10:00

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- Author : Valentin Bourdon - Category : Sporting event



•   children and young people aged 0 -18 from different backgrounds – orphanages, socially deprived families

•   we are looking for children who need to be supported  – not support those ones  who look for help and beg for money



•   3 000 children and people annually (parents, families and orphanages) who visit events

•   events influence everybody who participate



•   Tomas Slavata – Czech philanthropist




“Slavata Triathlon Tour is an opportunity to get children coming from orphanages, families and schools to interface with each other. The triathlon tour is a chance to every single child no matter what background he or she comes from. I am trying to connect two worlds, which were split by our society even everyone deserve to have the same start to life. I provide own equipment – bikes and helms - so everyone who’s passing by can participate  - not just those who can afford to pay fortune for registration. I want all the children can try triathlon as it’s an amazing sport. I just give the chance I didn’t get when I was a child.



Tomas Slavata is a thirty-five years old athlete and patron of children. His life journey began unusually - on the street and in a troubled family. In spite of all uneasy life moments, sport and positive motivation miraculously helped him to succeed and become very unique in the field of charity. At the age of 21, after tedious negotiation and obstacles, he adopted his two nephews who were placed in an orphanage after Tomas’ sister failed as a mother and ended up as drug addicted. Over ten years he raised them in the same household. In 2014, he adopted another child from orphanage in Vysoka Pec – Dominik, who’s now 15 years old.



·   Technical and financial support so everyone can participate for free

·   Choosing proper place for the race – building the base, registration, courses

·   Dividing participants to 12 categories (girls/boys – 0-6; 7-8; 9-10; 11-12; 13-15; 16-18)

·   Providing refreshment, bicycles, helmets for contestants

·   Winners obtain certificates, sweets, medals and t-shirts with Slavata Triatlon Tour logo and branding

·   4 mountain bicycles are fortuitously allotted at the end of each day so everyone has equal chance to win something (600 MTB given so far)

·   Financially independent (private finance from selling a flat, friends help, short-term sponsors)

·   40 visits to orphanages and schools – presenting the inspiring life story of Tomas himself, talking to kids, listening to their stories

·   One-week fully training camp for winners of the final Slavata Triatlon Tour race – providing accommodation, equipment, meals; organized in cooperation with friends or short term sponsors (Italy, Czech Republic)



Swimming, mountain bike riding, running

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