International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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Sports for Global Citizenship

03 March 2019 00:00 - 06:00

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- Author : KAIJA Ruck - Category : Other   Ibadan, Ilorin, Lagos

Ibadan, Ilorin, Lagos

Sports for Global Citizenship
The Global Sports Initiative Germany is a sport focused organisation for global citizenship education. The organisation is led by three sport science students of the german sports university Cologne.
Working together with One African Child a youth-led NGO focused on education for sustainable development and global citizenship in low-income community children in Afrika.

OUR PROGRAM?We have created an activity based program with the goal to provide important values of sport in connection with global citizenship education. During our four weeks time we will visit different schools and communities in Nigeria. In collaboration with the local based NGO "One African Child" we will do the sport activities with the leaners including a reflection afterwars to measure the impact we made.Our program is devided into three main parts: Ball games, dancing and life skill games. We are using various ball games to give the children the chance to develop important soft skills within the game. Team games can provide important soft skills such as leadership, decision making, conflict resolution, fair play and team work.
Our dancing part focuses on the individum. By sharing their feelings and identity with others through dance the children get the chance to experience their bodies and self image.
The third part of our program includes different exercises and games focusing on important soft and life skills. For example problem solving, trust, communication skills, responsibility but also specific topics like hygiene and gender equality.
For the sustainability of the project we will provide a workshop for the volunteers of "One African Child" focussing on all sport games and activities in connection with their values but also on a general sport understanding and coaching skills.

Our program is based on using Sport as a tool for global citizenship education in low-income communities. We believe that sport is a way of creative learning. In addition to fun and health benefits it can convey important values such as fairness, equality, respect and inclusion. Sport is a universal language everyone understands. It can bring communities together no matter our culture, colour or religion, every athlet is equal on the sports field.
Our focus is on developing the children ‘within’. Through our sport activities we want to give children the chance to build up soft skills like leadership, decision making, self-criticism, dealing with conflicts, trust in themselves and communication skills. Furthermore sports can be a framework where children learn how to achieve something and to start to believe in themselves. With helping one another they can learn how to work in a team, be responsible and to trust each other.





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Ibadan, Ilorin, Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria
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