International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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Doc Wayne - Sport & Peace Celebration

08 April 2015 17:30

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- Author : REBEKAH Roulier - Category : Sporting event   Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center

Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center

Doc Wayne - Sport & Peace Celebration

Doc Wayne’s “April 6th - International Day of Sport For Development And Peace” event will be a modified sport-based group therapy session, with the themes of sportsmanship and peace. This particular group therapy session will include multiple team contests, games and awards, with the intention of developing both sport and interpersonal skills though participation. 

The Doc Wayne group therapy programs emphasize their do the good (DtG) curriculum. The DtG curriculum teaches both personal and interpersonal behaviors and skills including; showing up, effort, empathy, pro-social relationship building, and perspective. April 6th ideals of peace and sportsmanship naturally fit with the existing personal and interpersonal goals

The April 6th theme will be worked into the existing group therapy structure and additional minor activities. Additional activities include introductory video clips of athletes demonstrating acts sportsmanship, and a pizza party for participants after the group has ended. Examples of the April 6th theme within the existing structure include; sportsmanship and fair play discussions at the “check-in” circle-up; and a closing ceremony in which prizes for exhibiting these behaviors will be incorporated with the “closing/praise-circle”.

The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (April 6th) event with Doc Wayne will enhance the regularly occurring groups and support the goals of the Doc Wayne organization in promoting positive youth development through sport.

 This event is closed to the public. For more information on Doc Wayne Youth Services please visit or contact us at 

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Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center

125 Mercer Street, Boston, MA 02127, USA
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