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Prague: 1800 steps to a nuclear-weapon-free world

06 April 2015 15:00

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- Author : ALYN Ware - Category : Symbolic action   Prague Castle Steps

Prague Castle Steps

Prague: 1800 steps to a nuclear-weapon-free world

On April 6, Alyn Ware from New Zealand ran the Prague Castle steps nine times to commemorate the International Day of Sport for Peace and Development and the sixth anniversary of President Obama’s historic speech in the Hradčany square next to the Prague Castle where he put forward the vision for a nuclear-weapon-free world.

The run was followed by a ‘Wave goodbye to nuclear weapons’ at Hradčany square as part of Global Wave 2015, a world-wide action calling on governments to abolish nuclear weapons.

 ‘There are nine nuclear-armed countries in the world,’ says Mr Ware, a security analyst and a member of Peace and Sport. ‘I ran the flight of 200 steps once for each of those countries. ‘The combined total of 1800 steps is equivalent to the number of nuclear weapons still on high alert. These weapons are ready to be fired with-in minutes, on launch-on-warning policies and with a combined destructive power that would end civilisation as we know it.’

 ‘A nuclear war could be started by miscalculation, accident, conflict escalation or cyber-attack by a terrorist organisation,’ says Mr Ware. ‘The tensions in North East Asia, the Middle East and between Russia and the West increase the risk of a nuclear catastrophe.’


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Prague Castle Steps

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