International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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This is an event (an exhibition/conference, a day at the office, a special event etc.) to raise awareness amongst people participating in the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace and to invite them to contribute in a small way to a fundraising campaign for the field programs that Peace and Sport implements.

When your employees/participants arrive, tell them about the purpose of this day and ask them for their assistance in an easy way. Volunteer participants will be lent a pedometer which they attach to their waist and go about their normal business.
At the end of the event or day, participants give the number of steps posted on their pedometer to the information stand. Then these steps are transformed into Euros (1 step = 1 Euro cent).

You give Peace and Sport the equivalent of the steps that participants have 'walked' (the sponsor of the operation then donates a corresponding sum to the beneficiary) during a poignant ceremony to represent the mobilization of your company. You can then take pride in the fact that you are a supportive company and benefit from the effort that your employees have made.

This concept can be adapted as wished. It is a tool to raise funds for the beneficiary (Peace and Sport), as well as raising awareness, and it is perceived as an interactive event led by the organizer.

How to proceed:

1°) Set a beginning and an end to the initiative:
> For businesses, we suggest taking the day of April 6. (Beginning = arrival at work; End = meeting at the end of the day to announce the total amount of steps taken).
> For conferences/exhibitions, we suggest the participants' day of arrival (reception areas advertise the operation on arrival, and you can announce the sum raised by all the participants on the day they leave).

2°) Check that the number of steps conform to the amount that you/the sponsor is prepared to pay (if not, adjust the value of a step)

3°) Set up an area to distribute pedometers and explain how to count steps (visible and accessible reception desks)

4°) Make the pedometers accessible (Peace and Sport can get these pedometers for you) as well as communication tools (leaflets, explanatory panel at the reception desk, press release...)

5°) Prepare the list of participants to track and count the final total of steps taken at the end of the operation.

6°) Prepare the announcement of the total number of steps taken and give visibility to your campaign to raise awareness about April 6.

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