International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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Would you like to take part in the 6 April movement and celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace by leading your own initiative?
Do you need some inspiration for activities to carry out?
To get you started, we have provided some suggestions below. You can also consult the initiatives already registered on the world map.

Symbolic action

Rally your network around a group action representing 6 April (parade, run for peace, flash mob, photo or video conveying a particular message etc.).

Artistic event

Give free rein to your imagination and demonstrate how sport can be a tool for peace and development (exhibition, dance, drawing etc.).

Debate / Conference

Bring together political leaders, sports personalities, specialists or influential people from your community to debate and discuss the impact of sport on society.

Open day

Invite members of the community to an open day at your organization or centre to promote the actions you lead throughout the year.

Sporting event

Hold a match, tournament or games to raise awareness among participants and the public about the formative values of sport.

Working group

Organize a workshop, open-to-all discussion sessions or awareness raising activities on the topic of peace and development through sport.


Create an event/initiative of your choosing that promotes development and peace through sport or join an existing event.
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