Día Internacional del Deporte para el Desarrollo y la Paz


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05 Marzo 2014 09:30 - 06 Marzo 2014 12:30

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- Autor : AKOUALA GOELOT Pascal - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Congo Brazzaville

Congo Brazzaville

Sport et développement pour le vivre ensemble

06 Abril 2014 00:00

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- Autor : AMANI Al-Nsairat - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Logica Consultancy Center

Logica Consultancy Center

Generations For Peace - Palestine IDSDP Event
Generations For Peace (Palestine) is organising an Advocacy For Peace Event featuring a brief introduction about Generations For Peace (mission and vision), brief introduction about the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace and the declaration of the UN about proclaimed 6 April to celebrate this day....

06 Abril 2014 09:30 - 15:30

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- Autor : SUJAN LAL shrestha - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Nepal Olympic Committee

Nepal Olympic Committee

Workshop on Sport For Development and Peace
Since we are going to organize the workshop, we will invite the sports person (athletes) from various Sports Association to take part in the program as a participant. Most probably the number of the participants will be minimum 50. 
The program contain two sessions:
1st Session:
Inauguration & welcome to all the participants. Introdu...

06 Abril 2014 10:00 - 16:00

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- Autor : SHAONA Sen - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Jaaga


Magic Bus Online Training: Football + Storytelling
Magic Bus Football Team (MBFT) comprises of select children who show talent and interest in football within Magic Bus' main Sport for Development sessions. Bangalore's MBFT players will gather at Jaaga for a day of football training off the field, leveraging the internet to study open football content with the guidance of coaches/mentors and ha...

06 Abril 2014 10:00 - 12:30

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- Autor : SARDAR AFTAB Khan - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo


Sports 4 Connecting Communities
The joint working group for organising Volleyball Championship as part of "Sports 4 Connecting Communities" project of  Volleyball Association Sudhanoti, District Sports Board and Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF)  has met today in Pallandri, District Sudhanoti, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The Volleyball Championship will be held on 26-28 April at P...

06 Abril 2014 13:00

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- Autor : SATOMI Tsuchiya - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   University of Tsukuba

University of Tsukuba

University of Tsukuba Sport for Development and Peace Workshop
The Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences at University of Tsukuba in Japan will organize a workshop to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on April 6th. Students will engage in discussing practical use of sport in development and peacebuilding by using Adapted Sport Manual created by Peace and Sport, other recours...

07 Abril 2014 00:00

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- Autor : JIM Corkery - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Bond University

Bond University

Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Sports Law, Development and Diplomacy
Each year Bond Law School holds its Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Sports Law, Development and Diplomacy.  The participants proclaim their support for the values of sport and the deep impression they can make in development and diplomacy.  They urge participants and supporters to recognise the extraordinary power for good of sports programs ...

08 Abril 2014 00:00 - 06:00

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- Autor : DAVID NAG - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Sports & Healthcare

Sports & Healthcare

Martialyogarts Workouts

16 Abril 2014 00:00

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- Autor : PASCALE Mompoint-Gaillard - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   European Youth Center, Strasbourg France

European Youth Center, Strasbourg France

Physical education and sport for democracy and human rights
This trainer training course (Module series) for education professionals will be organised by the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe and the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS). They propose to implement a project on how values of the Council of Europe such as tolerance, intercultural understanding, diversity etc. can be promoted ...

06 Abril 2015 00:00 - 07 Abril 2015 23:00

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- Autor : JACEK Purski - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   La Mama African Restaurant

La Mama African Restaurant

Promoting multicultural dialog through the campaign
NEVER AGAIN Association in partnership with Afryka Connect Foundation are organizing a WORKING GROUP meeting on the topic: Promoting multicultural dialog through the campaign "Let's Kick Racism Out Of Stadiums" - development and future plans. 
The working group will focus on:
1. Good practices and experiences of "Let's Kick Racism Out Of ...

06 Abril 2015 08:00

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- Autor : CRISTINA Lopez - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo

El Centro de Actividad Física y Cultura del SENA presente en la conmemoración de Abril 6!
El Centro de Actividad Física y Cultura del SENA se suma a los actos conmemorativos de Abril 6. Se trabajo con un grupo de 10 adultos en silla de ruedas, quienes practicaban Baloncesto en el parque Cayetano Cañizares. De igual manera se realizaron actividades lúdicas con un grupo de 50 niños, quienes practicaban atletismo en el mismo parque. Est...

06 Abril 2015 08:30 - 14:30

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- Autor : HARB Soufiane - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   CENTRE SOCIO SPORTIF SALA AL JADIDA



06 Abril 2015 14:00

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- Autor : DR LEONARDO Mataruna - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Universidad de Occidente

Universidad de Occidente

Deporte para la Paz en Mexico
PE Students from Occident University will promoting Sport for Peace orientating the Mexican citizens and bring sport lessons to children in social vulnerability. It's a partnership between LONRIO PROJECT / Coventry University and UdeO supervised by Prof Dr Leonardo Mataruna and Prof Hussein Munoz Helu.

06 Abril 2015 16:00

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- Autor : CRISTINA Lopez - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Puerto Boyacá - (Boyacá) Colombia

Puerto Boyacá - (Boyacá) Colombia

El Club Deportivo Mariana de Puerto Boyacá -  dedicó su jornada de entrenamiento a la paz.  Involucraron directivos, entrenadores, padres de familia y deportistas. Además de cumplir con la jornada de entrenamiento los niños realizaron actividades lúdicas bajo el lema "el que ama el deporte ama la paz". Participaron en total 25 personas.

06 Abril 2015 16:00

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- Autor : CRISTINA Lopez - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo

Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina - Reflexiones del entrenamiento deportivo para la paz
El grupo de estudiantes de entrenamiento deportivo de la fundación Universitaria del Área Andina de Bogotá Colombia, aprovecharon su espacio de clase con la profesora Natalia Gonzalez para analizar el papel del entrenador deportivo en los procesos de desarrollo y paz.  Fueron aprosimadamente 15 personas.

07 Abril 2015 13:15

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- Autor : KOUROSH Mojtabavi - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Provinces of kermanshah,Tehran.

Provinces of kermanshah,Tehran.

Rally 646 .6person for(4) April 6
we make a decision to organize a symbolic action by working group( 6 persons) passing  from Kermanshah province to Tehran capital  of IRAN by bike ,Skating , Running with cooperate of sportmen and women,child, disables,and so on.we have no sponsors but some GO's cooperate with us like environment org or Iranian National Commission for UNESCO , we h...

10 Abril 2015 00:00

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- Autor : CRISTINA Lopez - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   La UNINCCA por la Paz y el Deporte

La UNINCCA por la Paz y el Deporte

La UNINCCA por la Paz y el Deporte
Grupo de docentes y estudiantes del programa de Cultura Física y Deporte de la Universidad UNINCCA de Colombia, aprovecharon sus espacios académicos del 6 de abril para realizar acciones de grupo con reflexiones sobre la actividad física y el deporte para el desarrollo y la paz. Participaron aproximadamente 100 personas.

01 Abril 2016 13:00 - 03 Abril 2016 13:00

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- Autor : HILL Gillian - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo

IWWF  Europe & Africa Officials Seminar
This is the annual Seminar for officials from Tournament, Cableski and Disabled water skiing in Europe and Africa. 
Our aim is to educate our officials to ensure they conduct our events to the highest level of fairness, honesty, inclusiveness and integrity. There are participants from many countries, some of whom live under difficult circumsta...

05 Abril 2016 04:30 - 06 Abril 2016 10:30

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- Autor : MMUNGA ASSUMANI Françoois - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Bukavu


Sport pour la paix au Sud-Kivu

Le football est pratiqué par les jeunes Bukaviens (garçons et filles confondus) sans qu’ils limitent les normes de sa pratique. Ils se plongent dans l’amateurisme et le divertissement. Pour certains d’entre eux, le football est pris comme un simple jeu de divertissement, de dilettantisme et de perte de temps.  La maîtrise du foot...

06 Abril 2016 07:00

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- Autor : PHARLONE Toussaint - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Atlanta


Honoring the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace Celebrating Atlanta's Leaders of Sport and Social Change
Using this international platform to highlight and promote the vast and extensive efforts that make ATL a hub or Center for study in using sport as a tool for development & peace. Mission:Utilize this international platform to present Atlanta’s work in this field & invite interested parties to join the movementCreate Solidarity and support for loca...