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YOUR FUTURE - Portimão 2019

05 Abril 2019 14:00 - 06 Abril 2019 23:45

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- Autor : INÊS Caetano - Categoría : Acción simbólica   Portimão


YOUR FUTURE - Portimão 2019
Sports Embassy is a cooperative founded by former athletes of several sports to help athletes on their career transition. For that, we created YOUR FUTURE program so that each athlete can have the answer they need during their sports career so that the career transition can be as smooth as possible. All our values and principles are based on the good practices we learned threw our journey in sports. Therefore, we want to make sure these athletes understand all Sports is teaching them and how they can apply it in their new role in society after Sports. Good practices and career transition are not subjects that are debated as they should be. Therefore, in order to join IDSDP and #WhiteCard campaign, we created a concept to make sure that, at least on that day, important references in Sport, talk about his. With the support of the European Capital of Sports, Portimão - Portugal, we are going to promote a Congress, Workshops, a Solidary Soccer Match and other paralel initiatives.

Your Future - Portimão 2019" will take place in Portimão Arena, on April 5th and 6th. It is an event associated to the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (April 6th), a date declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, and the #WhiteCard campaign developed worldwide by the Peace and Sport association, sponsored by Prince Albert of Monaco whose president is the (4x) Olympic Joel Bouzou and Vice-President Didier Drogba. It will bring together various sports personalities in a debate on good practices associated with sport at the service of society and the role of (former) Athletes in their implementation in various sectors, as well as their role so that good sports practices are valued in the most diverse areas according to their new careers after the practice of sports. In this sharing of knowledge, we wish to emphasize the importance of a good career transition for Athletes so that they can give back to society the values ​​and principles acquired during their practice and the importance of preparation in this regard. It will consist of a Congress, several Teaser Talks in the area of ​​Health and a solidarity game to alert to these topics.


General Objectives of the event


  • Sensitize society for the theme of the career transition and the importance of supporting the Athlete in his competitive path in order to have a positive and socially integrated reconversion
  • Evidence of good examples of career transition and the importance of skills acquired in sport for the performance of tasks outside the sporting contexto


Congress Objectives


  • Bring a new vision that aims to discuss the issue of preparing the Athlete for the career transition: Will Portugal have high performance workers? And will athletes be "heavy" reinforcers for the Corporate World? What do these two worlds have in common?
  • To mark the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace and to associate the cause of the career transition with the #WhiteCard global campaign promoted by the association Peace and Sport
  • Evidence of the role of (ex) Athletes in the transfer of these skills


Teaser Talks Objectives


  • Understand the importance of the integrated model among the various areas for a healthy athlete's course
  • The importance of preparing the Athlete for the moment of the career transition in aspects related to health and well-being

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8500 Portimão, Portugal
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