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jujitsu SHINSEN for Peace and Sport

06 Abril 2019 16:00

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- Autor : JOACHIM Thumfart - Categoría : Encuentro Deportivo

jujitsu SHINSEN for Peace and Sport
A jujitsu Seminar with local teacher and champions organized for the kids.The purpose is make them able to work each other (different ages, gender, cities) and put the focus that some other kids are in trouble with "peace" and "health".The main target of the Event is reach money (free offer) for Dynamo Camp Onlus that works promoting activities for kids with serious and chronic diseases mainly oncohematologic, neurological and diabetes.All partecipants will make the picture with the #witecard and will leave balloons in the sky with a message of peace inside.The person that will find the message has to make a picture for the #withecard campaign with the hashtag #peaceandsport #jjif #jujitsushinsen #whitecard

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41030 Sorbara MO, Italy
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