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04 mars 2019 00:00

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- Auteur : MAXIME CASSIS - Catégorie : Action symbolique   Eilat / Israel

Eilat / Israel

White Cards for Peace - European Snooker Championships
European Snooker Championships in Israel 40 European Snooker federations will enter an average of 280 playersEvent open free of charge to the Public Supported by the Israel Ministry of Culture & Sports and the World Professionbal Billiards & Snooker Federation (WPBSA) 

30 mars 2019 10:00 - 16:30

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- Auteur : JEEHYUN Kang - Catégorie : Action symbolique   Pyeongchang


Whitecard Campaign with Potato Academy
- Sport vocational education class will be held on 30th Mar. - During the class, the campaign will be delivered as one of the team projects. - Students are elementary and middle school students in Pyeongchang where the winter Olympic games was held.- The students will promote peace and sport by participating in the campaign.- The sponsors are Korea...

04 avril 2019 00:00 - 06 avril 2019 06:00

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- Auteur : April6 - Catégorie : Action symbolique

Pitch and Putt
Peace and Sport organizes the "International Pitch and Putt Tournament" in Assisi, Italy. The main partner of this event is the International Pitch and Putt Association.

04 avril 2019 08:00 - 06 avril 2019 20:00

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- Auteur : PATRICIA KARINA Pitaluga - Catégorie : Action symbolique   BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA


Since 2014,  our organization Acercando Naciones, have been working to be a usefull path bring nations closer basing our effort at mutual respect and knowledge form each other, through different programs where we can reach different audiences, with specific messages of interest. Such is the case of the Sports Diplomacy program, which we star...

05 avril 2019 14:00 - 06 avril 2019 23:45

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- Auteur : INÊS Caetano - Catégorie : Action symbolique   Portimão


YOUR FUTURE - Portimão 2019
Sports Embassy is a cooperative founded by former athletes of several sports to help athletes on their career transition. For that, we created YOUR FUTURE program so that each athlete can have the answer they need during their sports career so that the career transition can be as smooth as possible. All our values and principles are based on the go...

06 avril 2019 12:00

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- Auteur : ZVIAD Zaalishvili - Catégorie : Action symbolique   Turtle Lake, Tbilisi, Georgia

Turtle Lake, Tbilisi, Georgia

Peace Walk, Run and #WhiteCard Campaign
During the celebration of the International Day of Sport for Peace and Development, symbolic running and walking will take place. Participants in symbolic running and walking will also take part in the #WhiteCard campaign.

06 avril 2019 18:00

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- Auteur : MELCHOR Sanchez de Toca - Catégorie : Action symbolique

Marathon Mass
On the eve of the 2019 Rome Marathon, athletes and marathon runners are invited to live together an intense moment of spirituality. On Saturday 6 April, the “Athletica Vaticana” sports association welcomes all the sportswomen and sportsmen to the “Marathon Mass” in Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto. All the participants will be invited...

08 avril 2019 00:00 - 13 avril 2019 06:00

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- Auteur : April6 - Catégorie : Action symbolique

Caravane de la Paix
Marlène Harnois, Champion for Peace and Taekwondo Olympic Medalist organizes the 2nd edition of the "Caravane de la Paix" in Bamako, Mali. Peace and Sport fully supports her project. The objective are :Form Malian teachers to our concept of "Sport simple" Make a speech in the "International Sport Forum of Bamako"> See website