Journée Internationale du sport AU SERVICE DU développement et DE la paix


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Skateboards For Hope Peace Jam

06 avril 2019 13:00

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- Auteur : BETTY Esperanza - Catégorie : Action symbolique   Westmount Park

Westmount Park

Skateboards For Hope Peace Jam

Skateboards For Hope invites the community at large to share the joy of International Sports Day 2019 by playing your favourite sport or skateboarding indoors or at a local park where children of all ages can connect face to face to enjoy a healthy and fun physical activity. 

Special Thanks to Jennifer Maccarone for her support. Member for Westmount–Saint-Louis, Quebec Liberal Party, Official Opposition Critic for Families.

DATE OF EVENT: Saturday, April 6, 2019.



Use Hashtags #WhiteCard #PeaceJam #SportsDay2019

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We are open to sponsorships and welcome all volunteers to contact us at

Let's Share Peace Through Skateboarding and Sports to Empower Youth to Become Leaders and Break The Cycle of Poverty. 

About Us

Skateboards for Hope is a community-driven non-profit organization located in Montreal, Canada. Since 2009, we’ve collected and donated over 5000 recycled skateboards to foster leadership and empower youth around the globe to help break the cycle of poverty. 

Our Mission:

- Empower and mentor youth around the world by providing them with necessary tools to promote positive action and active engagement in their communities

-Inspire and nurture skater boys and skater girls to help them start their own pilot projects which will help combat poverty, depression, and bullying while promoting community building, collaboration, and trust across the globe. 

- Shred the social stigma around skateboarding culture by shining light on the benefits of the sport which includes: physical, mental, and social wellbeing. 

Let's Shred Taboos and Give Hope to Kids!

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