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28 mars 2016 08:00 - 07 avril 2016 23:45

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- Auteur : ANFISA Kasyanova - Catégorie : Action symbolique   Facebook page of Belarusian sport magazine

Facebook page of Belarusian sport magazine



Belarusian sport magazine "Спортtime" together with magazine's figures, friends and Facebook subscribers joined Peace and Sport #WhiteCard campaign as a social media platform for athletes, coaches, officials of Belarusian sport where they could meet each other and contribute to the peace-building and development of the society through sport.

Facebook page of #Спортtime:

Why Relay?

White сard as relay baton connected Belarusian sport society.

Seeing #WhiteCard posts on Facebook page of Belarusian sport magazine “Спортtime” to the time closer to the day of April 6 people started to make their own post and send us their photos with white card even without asking them.

The Goal – PEACE – has been achieved.

Participation – to involve into participation as many as possible and as variable as possible representatives of Belarusian sports community: sports, federations, athletes, coaches, officials. We used different communication approaches: emails, messages, phone calls, direct communication and through federations offices as sailing, curling, modern pentathlon, synchronized swimming and governmental organizations – Minsk State Regional Secondary School of Olympic Reserve and Brest regional Aquatics center of Olympic reserve.

Education – to educate Belarus young generation about possibilities sport can play for better world. We were not just asking for photos from athletes, coaches and officials – we have deeply explained about #WhiteCard campaign meaning with certain examples and we have asked coaches especially of young athletes before making picture to explain the ideas behind white card as well.

Action – to call for action towards better world through sport. We encouraged to send us not only photos but messages of peace which we posted alongside with photos and suggested from campaign wordings and hashtags.

Contribution – to contribute to worldwide @PeaceandSport & #WhiteCads campaigns from Belarus sport society.

Expansion – to expand peaceful promise far beyond #WhiteCard campaign. We believe in snowball effect and that we have shaken Belarusian community and message of peace and sport has been discussed these days in many corners of Belarus.

Results in numbers (as on 7 April 4 p.m):

  • Facebook photo posts with #WhiteCard: 50

  • # of pax on photo posts with #WhiteCard: 156

  • Facebook people reached (total): 31 320

  • Facebook Likes (total): 1043

  • Facebook Shares (total): 48

  • Instagram engagement: 10 posts at athletes and sport organizations profiles, 5027 likes, 1 repost from Peace & Sport

  • And as a bonus double increase subscribers of Belarusian sport magazine “Спортtime

Leaders on Facebook:


People reached/ Likes/ Shares

1. Arman-Marshall Silla & Yuliya Sukhavitskaya (taekwondo)

1438/ 76/ 2

2.Vasilisa Marzaliuk (women wrestling)

1434/ 54 /2

3. Maryna Arzamasava (athletics)

1438/ 30/ 3

4. Aliaksandr & Andrej Bahdanovich (canoe)

1256/ 65/ 2

5. Tatsiana Likhtarovich (basketball)

1074/ 19/ 1

6. Pavel Sankovich (swimming)

1056/ 36/ 1

7.Melitina Staniouta (rhythmic gymnastic)

1054/ 23/ 2

8. Aleksandra Pushkina (Mike Diesel)

1010/ 17/ 1

Leaders in Instagram:

  • Melitina Staniouta (rhythmic gymnastic) — 2346 likes

  • Ekaterina Galkina  (rhythmic gymnastic) — 1752 likes

  • Alena Amialiusik — 235 likes

  • Maryna Arzamasava (athletics) — 221 likes

  • Pavel Sankovich (swimming) — 195 likes + repost by Peace and Sport

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    Facebook page of Belarusian sport magazine

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