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Capoeira Bulgaria Open Day

06 avril 2015 19:15 - 21:30

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- Auteur : IVAN Petkov - Catégorie : Journée Portes ouvertes   Capoeira Bulgaria - Grupo Luta Negra

Capoeira Bulgaria - Grupo Luta Negra

Capoeira Bulgaria Open Day
We will be offering an open training session in capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. Apart from the bodily movements, music and songs are also an intrinsic part of capoeira. Capoeira stands for personal and communal freedom due to its history, rooted in the displacement of people from Africa to Brazil. It was a way for communities to retain and construct their identities during times of hardship.

Nowadays capoeira has spread around the globe and promotes inclusiveness, tolerance and openness. As a 'game' it offers the possibility for conflicts and their resolution to take place. The setting created by music and songs, as well as the 'communal' atmosphere, promotes a playful enactment of conflicts. This playfulness offers a different way to 'defuse' confrontation and creates greater connection and understanding between participants as they encounter each other and face their own limits.

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The event is open for anybody who would like to see or try capoeira. 'Venha ver'!